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Organizational Design

Learn about how we've built a profitable design studio with cost-efficient operational infrastructure, fair profit distribution and a motivated, high quality working culture at scale.

Role Documentation

Gitcoin MMM
The Gitcoin MMM department (Merch, Memes & Marketing) was facing a few key challenges and sought suggestions for improvements, potential bottlenecks, and scalability within their department.

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Operational toolkit

Our Deep Teams software decentralizes project and payroll management.

Promote mutual accountability and streamline credential verification in your company.
Our Deep Skills platform decentralises the recruitment and onboarding process for contributors.

Public appearances and workshops

First principles for DAO Design
EthCC 2022

In this keynote, we presented an evidence-based framework for designing fully permissionless, truly autonomous, and infinitely scalable organizations.

Emergent Organization Workshop
EthGathering 2022

In this workshop, we designed and implemented a solution that met the business needs, taking into consideration agility, performance, maintainability, and compliance requirements.